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about us

We are a technology company working towards solving difficult problems in the simplest of ways !!  We believe in challenging the status quo,  we believe in thinking differently.  Our offerings are designed to improve & address critical business needs & today's organisations priority like Productivity,  Employee Safety,  Work redundancy,  Speed to data and Data Analytics.

We are a team of consultants with average experience of 18 years in consulting & client advisory services.  Highly energetic & motivated team of achievers with strong trades like problem solving,  thought leadership and with potential to create an impact to the business environment & society.

Amazing Features

  • Employee Productivity: Enablement & assessment of efficiency at work.

    The application enables the employee & employer to eliminate duplication of tasks typically activities like report generation, address accuracy challenge, enables planning & integration with various applications like MIS & expense reporting.

  • Workforce Behavior: Addresses pattern of action that directly or indirectly affects effectiveness.

    The suite ensures availability of accurate information driving the behavior of the workforce.
    Measurement & course correction enables achieving greater efficiency.

  • Workforce Safety & Security: Addresses field workforce's safety during local travel.

    The suite provides connected travel for the field workforce, emergency breakdown assist & services while the workforce is travelling for organization's work & provides tools to connect during emergency.

  • Road Transport Governance & Compliance

    Managing compliance with complex rules and regulations in India is far too important for organization & individuals to risk getting it wrong. The rules exist to ensure safety on roads for all the employees travelling ever day.
    The suite provides information which enables the automotive user to keep the compliance check without putting any additional effort.

  • Total Customer Satisfaction

    Information avalability,flow & speed is critical for any analytics platform to deliver desired result with accuracy.
    The suite enables information availability with highest

  • Information Availability & Speed

    Information availability, flow & speed is critical for any analytics platform to deliver desired result with accuracy. The suite enables information availability with highest

    Uptime Accessibility Security

  • Financial Benefits: The Suite offers distinct financial benefits by facilitate organizations

    * Achieve greater workforce productivity * Accuracy of Information * Information analysis & critical dash boarding Automation * Automation

  • Business Analytics

    Business analytics is important to make a sound commercial decision & hence it impacts functioning of the whole organization. The suite provides accurate flow of information, customized analytics modeling to address critical aspects of business like field force effectiveness, field force touch time with customers, segment trends.

  • Automation

    In the present world of rapid technology & business model change there is an urgent need of process automation which helps organization achieve the desired requirement of effectiveness & agility. The suite enables workforce in generating critical information automatically without any additional time & efforts thus enhancing business effectiveness & agility.

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